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Better 'Relationship' type Interface (GUI)

  • The relationship interface is fine for handling a few (<10) elements, but is a nightmare for users as soon as you have many (>50) elements.

    GUI things that need to be fixed:
    – [Critical] On left column, hide already selected elements instead of gray them. (right now, you have to scroll through element to spot the missing one that is black instead of gray , with lazy loading in the mean time, very painful)

    – Add a “Add all” / “Remove all” button

    Search Logic should filter/search on both columns, not just on the left one.
    Filter taxonomy should filter on both columns, not just on the left one. (I had many user feedbacks on this one)

    – Ability to reset custom ordering by Alphabetical Order (and maybe by any Post type filed, like creation date ; ASC+DESC). Use “Post Types Order” plugin inspiration.

    Thanks a lot

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