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Better performance with thousands of records

  • Hi.

    I’m developing a system to insert products.
    It’s about 20000(20K) items and I need to create an Post Type with about 16~20 fields to insert this items with all necessary description and information.
    I need to use the text fields, image, dropdown and relationship of information of others post type like (category, subcategory) that I’ll insert in other post type.

    I’m little afraid about the performance of website.
    Is it better works with php query for every data that I want to show or work with rest api generating a big json and parse it?

    Is it better to create a one field for each field on the post type page to insert it or create a repeater with all fields and I just create a new row on repeater and select the fields that I need?


  • @darinif I’m looking at similar issues although we are at 10 times that number of posts. Did you find anything out to help you?

  • Hi @steveguk.

    I did this post and after one week I had to stop the job for some weeks I didn’t search for a solution.
    I’ll back it next week and if I find a better solution I’ll post here.


  • @steveguk

    I found a pretty close solution for improve the performance, for me it’ll not work now because it’s only works with basic fields(acf).
    Take a look if it work’s to your project.

    This is the plugin to do this.

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