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Better Layout Options for WP Admin?

  • I’ve recently been assisting a couple of businesses who use “Carbon Fields” as their custom field creator. While I prefer the usability, docs and community of ACF, I do like the way Carbon Fields lays out in the backend.

    I often find that ACF can get a little unwieldy, whereas Carbon Fields looks to be very compact and all “flex” rows (or at least an ACF Flex equivalent) layout in tab format. With ACF, I find myself having to scroll a lot, and even though I built the site, it can get confusing to navigate through complex flex layouts sometimes.

    I have attached a couple of images (client identifying field information edited out). Perhaps this is possible too, but I just can’t figure out how to do it in the Flex field.

  • Currently, ACF’s only elements for layouting in the strict sense are Accordions and Tabs, both of which are meant to hide their contents. If I want to, for example, arrange a lot of small input fields in a row, I have to use the group element, which is its own field and comes with its own slug. The same applies to repeaters and flex content.

    I, too, think that ACF lacks elements, that merely serve to visually improve the back-end, but do not affect the field group hierarchy, and I would like to see more such elements implemented.

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