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Best Way To Organize Your Fields

  • Hey Everyone,

    I’m trying to figure out the best ways to group and layout ACF fields in the admin panel, and I really like the new tabs feature for this. The issue that I have run into though, is that anything following a tab will be grouped into that tab. In other words that means that once you create a tabbed area, there is no going back to any sort of field outside the tabs. This isn’t so convenient in the admin if you would like to make multiple tabbed areas or want there to be more fields after a tabbed area.

    I essentially would like to be able to group my custom fields together into modules of common content somehow, so that I am not creating one long list of fields down the entire page. Does anyone know of a good way to achieve this?

    Thank You,

  • I finally found this related post, which talks about this same need for organization. I actually am using the repeater field now (with widths set on its items) in order to group my fields. It’s a hack, but it’s the best I can do. In that link they get into deep conversation about setting up the admin with grids, but just being able to group my content in sections (and set the width of the items) or nest the tabs would be enough for me in almost any situation.

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