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Best Way To Migrate From Metabox

  • Right now a site I work on was built around the plugin metabox. I want to convert to ACF but looking for the best approach.

    I’m guessing I can’t just create fields and begin pulling in the current data without importing, but is there a better way to convert that I don’t know of? Like exporting metabox and importing the entire field structure and data?

    Thanks for any help!

  • A little bump to see if anyone knows

  • There isn’t any way that I know of to convert other custom field plugins. I don’t know anything about Metabox, what fields their are or how the data is stored. It is going to take understanding these things for each field type that you want to convert from and the ACF field type you want to replace it with.

    For simple text based fields it can be as simple as creating an ACF field withe the same field name (meta_key). But this will probably not work for more complicated field types.

  • Any news??
    MB has an integration from ACF.. ACF should do the same from MB

  • I think this is a great idea to have a converter.

    Any support is much appreciated.

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