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Best way to do it

  • Hello

    I have several hotels, each hotels have several rooms
    a user can book more than one hotel and in each hotel he can select one or more rooms
    1) I have setup a repeatable field “hotel” having a nested repeatable fied “room”
    I add a form to the front and it is working well
    But I have at least 2 problems with that method :
    1. We have to know all hotels and rooms before
    2. I’m using All export pro module, to export rooming csv and nested repeatables
    are not detected

    2)Is it possible to create 2 cpt : booking and hotels and use relationship field ?
    Is it possible to be bale select in this case rooms belonging to given hotel ?
    Is it possible to do it via a frontend form ?

    Thank you for your hlep

  • Hi @dweb

    Please keep in mind that the custom fields is stored in the wp_postmeta table. Could you please make sure that All Export Pro can process this table?

    Regarding your second question, I believe it’s possible but you need advanced PHP and JavaScript code. There’s an old tutorial that has a similar topic, which you can find here:

    I hope this helps 🙂

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