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Best way to add to widget?

  • I’m going to confess, this is perhaps a rather noobish set of questions.

    Firstly, I have managed to successfully create my custom fields and want them to display in a Widget. I get the impression I need to add some PHO code somewhere, however my coding skills are a little rusty, is somebody able to explain what needs to go where? If this is something that can be done a little more easily with the pro version, I’m happy to contemplate buying a license.

    The second question is, I knwow there is a ‘taxonomy’ field type. I was hoping to make use of this to create what are in effect ‘custom tags’. By this I mean, there are a few fields (like Gentra) I’d like to be able to set up so that a person can choose multiple values from a list, and have these display in a similar way to tags. Is this something that can be done?

  • Check this page in the codex, there’s a literal example on how to create a widget.

    Reg. the second question, yeah it can be done…..

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