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Best practices for deploying ACFs in a remote server.

  • While working locally, I’ve noticed that the _custom_field = field_xxxxxxx gets a random alphanumeric number (on the xxxxx). And If I create the fields manually in the remote server, they acquire a new different random string. Is there a way to overcome this issue of creating ACF’s with different random strings? I use a lot of php scripts that I have to test locally and then publish to the remote server, so I am afraid my scripts wont be accurate to the _custom_field entries.

    How can I create a ACF locally, test it with a local script, then migrate them to a remote server without having to edit them.

    Is the best practice to create them locally and then use ACF export/import process to update the remote site? What about 2 developers working on the same site. How can we make sure we are not overwritting someones _custom_field?

    Does the import feature overwrites? or it just ignore if the entry for that metadata already exists?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.

  • Yes, the best way would be to use the export import feature.

    ACF 5 can also save these fields into JSON files, see this page:

    For multiple developers I would set up a github repo to hold the JSON files and keep them updated so that you can all be working with the same set of fields.

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