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Best Google Map Tutorial

  • Just dropping a note to anyone searching for Google Map documentation, especially if they have problems. This is a great tutorial:

    One note, I mentioned it to the creator too, the function in the tutorial assumes a page template used is in a sub-directory. If your map does not show up, change that bit of code…

    This tutorial will replace the need for any Google Map Plugin…. Good luck!

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  • This is great, but has anyone released a commercially available complete plugin for mapping and showing posts that use ACF for the location field?

    It seems all over the web there is a scrambled egg of code snippets. And there are also “hundreds” of mapping tools, but none of those mapping tools want to use ACF fields and you need to be a coder to actually do anything with ACF map fields.

    Is there anything out there you have seen?

  • I may or may not post new code as well – I handed the above working to my co-worker and she says she improved it a ton and did it much more simply, though I’m sure very similar. If I can wrangle that code (scrambled eggs) I’ll post it as well!

    But yeah, I’m no pure developer myself either. With so many options to do this I hope a developer might find an easy go of it!

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