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Behaviour change on how option pages field keys are handled?

  • In the past, I used to be able to just move a field group from options page A to options page B, without the field keys changing (so the content in the fields would be retained when you move the group to a different options page).

    Right now, when I do this (latest wp, latest acf), field values are lost when moving a field group to a different options page. This indicates to me that the key has changed.

    This behavior is new to me, i was under the impression that the field keys never change regardless of whatever options page you move the field group to. Did something change recently in the way field keys are handled on options pages? And if so, is this documented somewhere? I’d like to determine if I should look at get_option calls etc on older projects and if I should make other changes to my acf workflow 🙂


  • The field keys should not change. This could be how you’ve set up your options page? For example, if you’ve set 'post_id' => 'options', to anything other than options, the the field keys will not be associated with that options page any longer and this could cause what you’re seeing.

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