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bbPress, BuddyPress support ?

  • Does it exist right now ? I searched for weeks but could not find any way to make it work.

    I see you did very custom and advanced work here on your bbPress forum. It means you know code by heart. Why not add support for bbPress (and BuddyPress) in plugin ?

    I see all bbPress post_type are recognized in group settings, but nothing happens at the front end. Fields are not outputted. WP comments works without a glitch.

  • I mean first post reply form, not User fields.

  • Hi @stagger-lee

    Thank you for the feature request.

    The information has been passed on to the developer and support for bbPress should be added soon.

    I would recommend you checkout the following plugin/theme that allows you to select one or more bbPress forums through a single field:

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