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Backend Not Working Locally

  • I have been using ACF for years and absolutely love the plugin. I have never encountered the problem I am wrestling with now. I have a local server that is a clone of my production server. One is used for testing before everything is pushed live. I have installed ACF on both servers. The plugin works wonderfully on the live site. Unfortunately, the local version plugin is unresponsive.

    The backend interfaces don’t even look the same (see screenshots).

    What I have checked so far:

    • Both servers are running the same version of WordPress (4.4.1)
    • Both servers have the same version of the plugin (4.4.5)
    • I disabled every plugin except ACF on the troubled server with no effect
    • I made sure that both servers have the same plugins, erasing deprecated plugins when needed.
    • I reinstalled the plugin from the WordPress plugin page.
    • I downloaded the plugin from your site and reinstalled it.
    • I compared the plugin folders on both servers to make sure no files were missing.
    • I swapped our custom theme for Twenty Fifteen—no change

    One of the only differences I saw was the order in which the files were listed in the Plugins Editor. But I’m not sure how that could affect the design and functionality of the backend.

    I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thank you.

  • This looks like none of the needed JS or CSS files are being loaded. Check the page source and see if the URLs for these files are correct for you local testing server or if there is something that’s keeping them from being loaded.

  • Thank you for the response. Once I knew it was an external-file issue, I did another search and found this:

    I followed Jonathan Soper’s directions; and I am good to go.

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