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Backend: Google Map language selector

  • It would be great if we could set the language for the google map field globally (or select it onload)

    Background: the address field is stored in the database using the search results in the language the browser accepts. But it cant be changed to the desired language if the sensor gets the country code parameter.

    Unfortunately the browser accept-language may differ from the frontend output, so the stored values are not that helpful.

  • Hi @despecial,

    Thanks for the feature request.

    I have submitted this issue to the plugin author and hopefully this will be added to the plugin’s development roadmap.

  • +1

    how to change the language at the moment so the address value is in the preferred language?

    is there any hook ?

    thank you

  • Any news about that ?

  • function add_persian_to_acf_google_map($api){
    $api[‘language’] = ‘fa’;
    return $api;
    add_filter(‘acf/fields/google_map/api’, ‘add_persian_to_acf_google_map’);

    change ‘fa’ with your language code
    add to function.php in your theme or child theme

    google map language codes list:

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