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Backend customization

  • im trying to create image slider for backend but im really stuck I need more documentation or hands..
    Example for Radio Button
    <img src="image-address"/><br />Selected Device : <img src="image-address"/>
    so if you use routine always same pictures and if you have more than 30 pictures on backend looks awful
    so im planning do do something like js slider… but I don’t know “how can I divide each image or selection input”
    I have brand pictures
    samsung logo = x
    apple logo = y
    LG logo = z


    <slider code begin here (css js etc ) <div><ul> >
    /* loop start show first image */
    <logo header <li> >
    <img src="image-address/x.png"/>
    <logo footer <li> >
    /*  loop 2nd image */
    <logo header <li> >
    <img src="image-address/y.png"/>
    <logo footer <li> >
    /* loop 3rd image */
    <logo header <li> >
    <img src="image-address/z.png"/>
    <logo footer <li> >
    /* loop end */
    <slider code end here <ul></div> >

    and this is the picture demo what im trying to do…

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