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back-end layout "excited" when translating with wpml

  • Hi.
    I don’t want to be pesky but when I’ve ticked the option “Make ‘Field Groups’ translatable” which show up with WPML the ACF Layout get’s a bit excited!
    Like this:

    This occurs also at the free version ACF4.

    Best regards,

  • I just took a look at this on a site with WPML. It appears to be a problem specific to Safari. Probably in the CSS. I’d guess that this has something to do with the CSS for the language list being added by WPML.

  • So is there anyway to solve the “problem”? 🙂

  • I don’t know if this is a problem with WPML, ACF. The only thing that I know is that it does not happen on Chrome, IE or FF. I don’t have access to a computer with Safari, and I’m really not that familiar with it. What is needed is to inspect the elements, figure out what CSS is causing the layout issue and what plugin is adding that CSS and then contacting the author of that plugin to get them to fix it.

    You can try submitting a ticket here

  • Version 5.3 solved this layout issue

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