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Back End – Fields Disappeared

  • I’m having an issue that seems to be widely reported but I can’t find a fix that works.

    We have custom fields applied to WooCommerce Products. The fields are appearing in the Product Editor page, but when we open ACF, we can’t see the Groups and we can’t edit them. They are just blank.

    I’ve moved between ACF versions include 5.8.4 but to no avail, we can’t make the fields appear.

    The only possible outlier is that we are importing a PHP group of fields using:

    add_action( ‘acf/init’, ‘ab_add_acf_fields’, 0 );

    But this doesn’t explain why we can see them on the product page but not in ACF.

  • Disregard the above. I forgot that if you export to a PHP file and use this file to create fields, THEY DO NOT appear in the ACF editor. Hence, this is why they ‘disappeared’

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