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Autosort select choices on save

  • I would like to sort the select field options alphabetically on save.


    I need to enter 100 selection options over time into a select field, but the list is added gradually so they will not end up in alphabetical order.

    Instead of having to search and manually place the new options in the right position, I want to automatically sort the data when adding new options.

  • I am assuming that you want this to happen when you edit the field or if you have a field set up to allow adding new choices when editing a post.

    When ACF updates a field’s settings, just before saving the field to the DB it calls

    $field = apply_filters( "acf/update_field", $field );

    It is possible to set up a filter on this hook that will do what you want. In the filter you would need to check to make sure it’s the right field by looking at $field['key'] and then you’d need to create the logic to sort $field['choices'].

  • I want it to autosort when I enter new choices and save the field group in the ACF settings.

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