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Automatically populate taxonomie values

  • Hi

    not sure where to post this so i just went with general, i hope thats ok.

    I have a question regarding ACF. Hopefully someone can assist me on that.
    I have 2 Custom Post Types. Post Type 2 has an additional custom-tag-taxonomie.

    Is it possible to get all Post titles from Post-type-1 as Tags for the taxonomy from post-type-2?
    Any help would be appreciated since i don’t really know where to start here.

    Cheers! 🙂

  • Could you elaborate on why you created post-type-1 as a custom post type instead of a custom taxonomy? It might be easier to make a recommendation if we can understand your reasoning. Also, do you need the two post types to be associated with a taxonomy or could you simply use an ACF relationship field to associate them?

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