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"Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin"

  • I have to confirm that the latest update is not able to load on my local machine or on the server. all tips from above didnt help.

  • This is the latest I have from support

    Can you please try editing your DB and deleting the following 2 rows from the wp_options table:
    1. _site_transient_update_plugins
    2. acf_plugin_updates

  • @hube2 As i described in my previous comment those were the two entries i had deleted from the database in my last attempt.

  • Anyone having issues with this should contact support They are actively trying to figure out why this happens on some sites.

  • Thanks John, message sent.

  • I had the same problem, but re-installed WordPress using the button on the updates page that says

    If you need to re-install version 4.9.8, you can do so here:

    and then I ran the plugin update and it worked.

  • I’ve been seeing this sporadically across several sites as well. The solution @webnoticelt provided worked for me on at least one site. I’ll try it on others as I encounter them.

  • The last site I encountered this on I had success by
    1) Reinstalling WP
    2) Deleting the following from the DB Options table


  • It seems i was able to identify the source of this issue for (at least) my situation. This pertains to multisite installations running ACF PRO 5.7.4. The bug lies in the fact that the update procedure erroneously checks the last blog in the multisite for update and license information, instead of the primary blog. The bug can be circumvented by either:

    1) Activate ACF PRO and enter the license key on the last blog of the multisite, then run the updater.


    2) Manually download and install ACF PRO 5.7.5 or newer from

    Any multisites running ACF PRO 5.7.4 may suffer from this issue, and will not be able to upgrade to newer versions without taking any of the two steps above. There should generally be no need to re-install WordPress or edit the database for this process.

  • Hi john,

    I have had contact with Elliot and he is aware of the situation.


  • Thank you @litemotiv that’s the person that needs to know.

  • Just for clarity’s sake… There may be an issue on multisite, but that seems to be a separate issue from what many of the rest of us are experiencing. At least in my case, there are about a half dozen single site installations that are unable to upgrade to 5.7.7 from 5.7.6.

  • kmeronuk’s answer of going to the updates page and doing “check again” wasn’t enough to fix it for me. I tried it multiple times. I had to deactivated and reactivate the license key, then going Dashboard > Updates and “check again” worked.

  • I’ve got about 12+ sites stuck on 5.7.0.
    I’ve tried all the methods. Reinstalling WP helped on a couple of them but not all.

    Probably going to have to remove and manually update.

  • On all the sites where I’ve had this issue the following always works

    1) deactivate the ACF key
    2) do into the db and delete the options _site_transient_update_plugins, _transient_acf_plugin_updates, _transient_timeout_acf_plugin_updates
    3) reactivate my acf key

    Actually, 1 & 3 have only been required once.

    You could also try reinstalling WP as step 2.5, but if you try this I would do it then.

  • @kmeronuk, this worked for me too. Thanks so much!

  • Hello,
    Does licence key is removed from site when you deactivate the ACF key? Because i dont have the account information for finding my licence key.


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