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Automatic plugin updates and ACF Pro

  • I’d like to use the fully automatic updating that WordPress can do: WordPress itself (major, minor, security) + plugins + themes, for a number of my low-risk web projects. But it seems that ACF Pro does not have the option of enabling auto-updates from the plugins list in the WP backend.

    I’ve not actually tried to see if ACF Pro may auto-update anyway, but I fear it won’t.

    So now everything will update itself automatically, except for ACF Pro, which I use in every project I make (I’m a big fan). Which means that as the developer I’d still have to manually update this one plugin a number of times per year, per site, to keep the sites secure and compatible. This kind of defeats the purpose of auto-updates, which I was hoping would save me a lot of time per year.

    I know some hosting companies have additional options for auto-updating, from the Hosting Control Panel, through tools like Installatron. I expect ACF Pro would be updated through such tools. But my clients are on different hosts and not all of them have that option.

    So my question is: does ACF Pro support WordPress’ own auto-updating mechanism, and if not, is there anything the plugin author or I can do about that?

  • I do not use auto updates, so I cannot tell you if it works or not. The only advice I can give is to turn on auto updates for ACF Pro and watch to see if it gets updated. I see no reason why it should not work. Then if it does not work contact the developers to make sure they are aware of the problem.

  • Thanks for the reply John. Unfortunately the link to enable auto-updates is not there for ACF Pro, while it is there for almost all other plugins. So I can’t turn it on to see what happens.

    I’ve contacted the developer through a ticket, so we’ll see what they say. If ACF Pro indeed doesn’t support WordPress’ auto-updating mechanism then it would be great to see that added. Could save a lot of time and hassle.

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