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Automated field import from JSON

  • Not really support, not really a technical issue. Maybe somebody has found a solution or knows a way:

    I’m working on a plugin that, not trying to reinvent the wheel, recommends ACF. At the moment it comes just with one field I exported to json and provide for import, but that number might increase.

    At the moment I will just offer to download said json file and instruct on how to import it. I’d much rather make this a process that can be done with a click. Is there a way to instruct ACF from another plugin to import a json file from a provided path?

  • The only function that you could probably use is acf_import_field_group(). This function requires that the JSON has already been been decoded. For an example of use see the method submit() in file /includes/admin/tools/class-acf-admin-tools.php at about line 85.

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