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Auto replace field values

  • Hey guys

    So here is my situation:

    I have an ACF select field where I added the values from the beginning like this:

    Free Trial

    Now I installed a few Filter plugins on my WP to allow people to filter the posts based on this. The issue is that these plugins want the ACF structure like this:

    free : Free
    free_trial : Free Trial
    paid : Paid

    If I do that I will have to edit all my 5200 posts and manually assign the new value.

    Is there any way to do this automatically via code, plugin, db search and replace…idk..anything?

    Thank you

  • I also thought of creating a new field with the correct values and maybe replace the values from that field with the new one if possible.

  • My solution so far, in case anyone needs this:

    1. Install the plugin ACF Quick Edit Fields
    2. Create a new ACF field with your values
    3. Allow Bulk Edit in the new field (after you save it)
    4. Allow Filter by on the old field value
    5. Filter by the old values and Bulk Edit posts and assign the new value.

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