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Auto draft acf fields

  • What I understand acf fields wont save during WP’s autodraft feature, how do developer work around the issue with users loosing their work by clicking the browsers back button? I have that issue due to that the user do resarch online filling out fields by copy paste.

  • Where I work we deal with this by telling the client not to do that. Open a new window and do your research there, or save the post as a draft.

  • Hi John,

    Thanks, I guess it is just me being inpatient and it is a part of developing teaching clinets to use the system. Need to look at it from another angle, Ill put the draft button back and see if they figure that one out.


  • It can be difficult, I know that it can sometimes be quite a task to get clients to understand it all. It would be better if the WP auto draft feature included custom fields, but I doubt that will happen. One of the major issues is that if the post title, post content or excerpt for the post have not been edited, the auto save doesn’t even fire to begin with. There is a solution to save that ACF fields during the auto save, but it depends on the auto save actually happening and that’s where it falls apart since the WP JS only looks for updates to built in fields.

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