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  • Hello,

    First of all, thank you to the creators of this magnificent puglin, please excuse me in advance for my English, I am French.

    First :

    Here I have a problem, I would like to create a feed system on my users’ profile.
    When the author posts his message, I want it to appear on his profile only.

    The author can modify or delete his own message, Then with this system I would like the user to be able to respond to other members’ articles on any wall.

    To summarize: To be able to write a post feed in your profile page, as a quick message, and for other members to reply to it, only the author can delete or edit are post, can also create several in the form of a Twitter wall.

    I don’t want to switch to a budypress or other plugin in this kind that make my site heavy and are not manageable at all.

    Very Thanks for you help !

    My Template Author.php ACF : Everything you see on the screen is functional.

    I used ACF FORM to create a form but I have no idea how to display the messages on the front end as well as make these fields accessible only to the author to write a message.

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