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Author image uploading problem from frontend

  • I am using ACF many times in sites, but i found a bug today that when i am implementing frontend posting form then its not allowing authors to upload an image from frontend, from admin author can do image uploading but from the frontend it’s not.

    I checked by deactivating all mu plugins related to authors but same error yet that is “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”

    Any solution please

  • Hi @prabhu

    Be sure to check your console log to see if any ERROR is returned in the AJAX call during upload.

    Your next step is to search this forum / google for some existing threads which cover how to edit the user privileges to allow the user to upload.

    Also, you may find you have a security plugin which is stopping the upload script from being accessed from the front end. This will require some debugging / detective work to find out what’s wrong and find a solution.

    Good luck.

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