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Audio/Video Typ broken – No Lighbox of Media Library

  • Hey,

    After updating the PRO version to 5.7.1 we can’t upload videos or audios.
    The ACF Button ist fine in the backend, but if you click onto the button nothing happens!

    NO Lightbox of media library to upload the media/Video/Audio
    > Console: TypeError: is not a function.

    Any idea why this happens? it as working 1 Week ago and the normal Image or File upload function is also working fine, only the Video/Audio Typ has this bug!

    many thanks

  • Here is the completed Log of my safari after press the button of Audio/Video Typ

    TypeError: is not a function. (In '{title:n.settings.title,multiple:n.settings.multiple,library:{},states:[]},n.settings)', '' is undefined)
    createFrame — SelectFrame.js:35
    e — SelectFrame.js:28
    add — index.js:156
  • Arg – sorry guys – we were using this 3rd party plugin for ACF to include some Video/Audio Type … but after the latest update it seems, that we can’t us to anymore…

  • @b2media

    I’ve just created and uploaded to github a new version fo ACF Audio/Video Field:

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