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Audio HTML tag + custom Field

  • After two days of failure, I am bringing my case here.

    I want to combine the HTML audio tag with the file field type from ACF to be pasted into the custom HTML widget from WordPress in elementor. I failed after several attempt and combination.

    I also tried pasting the code in the shortcode widget, I failed upon several attempt.
    If I code the direct path in the source src, everything works but this not what I want to achieve.

    Please help,

    ACF code:
    <?php if ( get_field( ‘s_audio_link’ ) ) : ?>
    “>Download File
    <?php endif; ?>

    My last attempt upon hundreds of attempts:

    < audio controls >
    src=”<?php $s_audio_link= get_field( ‘s_audio_link’ ); ?>
    <?php echo esc_url($s_audio_link); ?>”

  • You need to use code tags to post code. Most of what you posted was stripped by the editor.

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