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Attachment images being added to ACF fields on attachment.php

  • Hello,

    I have run into an odd issue where on every WYSIWYG ACF field, while viewing an image attachment page (attachment.php), the attachment image gets inserted into the ACF field.

    You can see that happening here:

    What gets inserted to the ACF field:

    <div class="address-footer-col1">
    <p class="attachment">
    <a href="">
    <img class="attachment-medium" width="300" height="85" alt="PIC_slide03" src="">
    Head office:
    Public Interest Commissioner
    10303 Jasper Avenue NW, Suite 2800
    Edmonton, AB T5J 5C3

    I have done some testing and, while viewing an attachment.php page, and I have noticed the following things:

    -The attachment image is inserted only when it is an WYSIWYG ACF field. Text area ACF fields do no have the problem, as shown by the copyright line in my link.

    -This occurs on ‘options’ page fields
    -This occurs on ACF fields pulled from other pages IE) get_field( 'mission_statement', 1448 );

    -This occurs even if I delete all the code on the attachment.php file, and leave in only the get_header(); and get_footer(); calls. Any ACF WYSIWYG field in the footer or header will still have the attachment image inserted into it.

    Any insight or advice would be much appreciated.


  • Hello, just to confirm that I’m experience the same thing.. Any fixes solutions yet? (I’m on ACF 4.3.8)

  • I’m experiencing the same thing too. I’m using ACF 5 PRO.

  • I can confirm that this bug is still active for me also (ACF PRO 5.1.2). So when viewing a WP attachment permalink page, that attachment image also gets inserted into wysiwyg option fields that I have in my footer file for any odd reason. Any clue?

  • Hello, just to confirm that. Any fixes solutions yet?
    On ACF 4.3.9 and
    ACF Pro 5.1.3 and 5.1.4

  • WP 4.1.1 + ACF Still have this issue on attachment pages slash attachment permalinks. Somehow the attachment image gets included/injected in all following wysiwyg fields after the attachment (as in the footer in my case). This is really weird and if I remember correctly this actually have been solved in a earlier version, so I suspect it’s a bug that has come back.

    Let us know if you can have a look on this issue..

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