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Attachment custom fields when editing Image uploads

  • Hi,

    So I have two custom fields that are added to Image uploads. The ‘Location’ rules for the field group is set to ‘Attachment – is equal to – All image formats’

    If I edit an image in the Media Library I see my fields.

    If I have an image field in one of my pages and use it to select an image, upon selecting the image I see the fields.

    However, once I’ve saved the page, and then go back in and ‘Edit’ the image, by selecting the pencil icon, the first time the modal edit window opens I dont see my fields, if I close the modal, click edit again the second time the modal opens I see the fields.

    Pretty sure this was working fine < v 5.7.0

  • This does appear to be a new development in 5.7.

    Another interesting thing is that if you click on “update image” in the popup and then click the back button the fields also appear.

    I’m also seeing an issue with Shortcodes Ultimate that is installed on the same site.

    I’m pretty sure that the first time you try to edit the image is not loaded and ACF cannot detect that it is an “image” and when you try the second time the image is loaded, so ACF works. There are no errors that I can see.

    You should submit this to support here

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