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Assigning users to posts

  • I’m new to ACF and I could do with a little guidance on an issue.

    I’m working on a portal for a small business. It wants to share some documents (nothing sensitive) with its customers and streamline the way it operates.

    I’m using Elementor and ACF Frontend to create some simple dashboards and forms for my client and their customers. I’m using Advanced Post Queries for the Frontend.

    As it stands, I’ve created four CPTs:

    Account: A customer can have a multiple accounts (a bit like having different insurance policies, I suppose).
    Correspondence: Letters, etc. specific to the above accounts.
    Reports: Not tied to any single account.
    Statements: Not tied to any single account.

    The issue is assigning or linking these to a specific user. For example, I’ve added a “User” field to the Account CPT and it appears on the forms and allows me to select a user from a dropdown. However, it doesn’t seem to be keeping a record of the user and allowing me to use that data in a query. When I’ve tried to present the information on the Frontend I’m getting nothing in return.

    Am I missing something? I thought that by selecting a user it would not only attach to the post but would allow me to specify the field that contains the data in the frontend and run a query on it.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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