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Assign layouts to many pages at once

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to do WordPress development modular. Let’s say I create a flexible content field with some layouts (I called it modules or components):

    Layout A
    Layout B
    Layout C

    My website structure is based on Pages and structured like this:

    Landing pages
    – Page1
    – Page2
    – Page3

    – Page99

    – Country1
    – Country2
    – Country3
    – Country99

    How would I assign let’s say “Layout B” and “Layout C” to Page1-Page99?

    and let’s say “Layout A” and “Layout C” to Country1-Country99

    Please note I’m not keen assigning Layouts on each page individually. I would like to have the control like via “Location, Rules” (based let’s say by “Post type” is equal to… or page parent is equal to…”)

    Basically, I’m trying to assign the layout for many pages at once like page builders do based on rules.

    I could hardcode it within the php code like if page.parent ==… then… but I’d like to achieve the same via ACF interface somehow.


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