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Assign a fields group to nothing at all

  • Hello everyone !
    New here, I was pretty sure this was not a bug, so I posted in “Feature Requests”, but just tell me if there is a better Forum Category for this post !
    So I’m trying new acf guidelines with my team, and part of it is to have a “Common Fields” fields group, wich contains group type fields (hard to follow ? I know, sorry), one for each of our many reusable design components around the websites. After that we use clone everywhere we need these components.
    Anyway, enough spaghetti context, this group field called here “Common Fields”, is not meant to be used as it is in any way, so I wish I could assign it to nothing, but I can’t. (or didn’t find the way)
    Thanks for reading,


  • Would making the Field Group inactive in settings meet your requirements?

  • I’ll try this and see if clones still works !

  • It does actually fits my needs, thanks a lot ! I though inactive fields wouldn’t be clonable. Question solved !

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