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Append more items with repeater filed.

  • Hi

    I created a masonry layout by CSS, it’s gonna be load my repeater fields images, i limited my filed by the following code.

    if( have_rows('upload-masonry') ):
     $i = 0;
        while ( have_rows('upload-masonry') ) : the_row('5');
                if( $i > 8 )
                    <span><img src="<?php the_sub_field('image');?>"></span>          
    else :
        // no rows found

    The code is loading 9 images per refresh, i want to implement load more icon to load more images.

    So basically implementing append icon using jQuery is pretty easy, but the thing what i’m asking here is, i have no idea how to call PHP into jQuery, which is not possible unless using AJAX.

    I was hoping if you guys have an other way to append more items using PHP(?) or give me a solution.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Amir,

    I’m sorry that i don’t have a solution .. (yet). I would like to build this myself, so that’s why i’m replying. With the hope that you’ve solved this ‘problem’ already.

    So if you have, would you like to share it?


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