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API-key: Google Maps field to only show address

  • I’m working on the website of my sports club. We used to have a custom Google maps field in the backend to return the address of the clubs’s games.
    To give you a more detailed example: For each upcoming game in a season, we use multiple custom fields, such as Hometeam, Awayteam, date and time of kickoff etc. We also have an Google maps address field where we enter the location of a game. Then on the frontend we return the name of this location provided by the Maps Api.

    Since the API key is not working anymore and Google asking for a payment account, we are unsure if we should register to be able to use this field again.
    My problem is that since we don’t actually show any maps on the website but only use the field to return the address, I’m not sure if this would actually cost something. I can’t really decide to go with it if I can’t tell the club’s owners about the costs.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hi @iker3085

    I do not think that these charges would be costly when you only use the map on the backend. Here is their pricing table:

    SKU	$200 monthly credit Equivalent free usage	Monthly volume range (Price per thousand)
    Static Maps	Up to 100,000 loads	$2.00
    Dynamic Maps	Up to 28,000 loads	$7.00

    I believe that the plugin author also has some plans of introducing open source maps on a future update where you will be able to select the type of map that you want to use.

  • Thanks for the info. The other question would be, which API would be used in my case. I’m not sure if it should be places or maps.

  • Hi @iker3085

    The following APIs are required for all the map functionality to work:

    • Places
    • Routes
    • Map
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