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Anyone having issues ammending Field Groups with the latest ACF?


    It was a time-sync issue. I have a dev server and NTP was not installed so it’s time was 12 hours ahead of my live server… meaning anything I posted was a ‘Future post’ as far as the UI was concerned. Leaving here, in case someone else has this issue.

    Hi all,

    I have a site… and a field group with a whole bunch of fields in.

    If I go back and change something, like add a new option to one of the existing fields and click ‘Update’ then it changes the post status of the ACF post itself to ‘scheduled (future in DB)’ and I can’t change it to ‘Published’ from the UI… I have to hack it via the database…
    NOTE: Didn’t post this in ‘bugs’ as I am not yet 100% it is a bug and not me misunderstanding the functionality/behaviour of ACF.

    Now, I’ve disabled all plugins except ACF and tried again but still have the same issue. I just wondered if anyone has a similar issue or is able to replicate? I really need this fixing. I’m gonna have a dig in the plugin code to see if I can override it but don’t want to be doing that really.


    1. Install ACF
    2. Set up some random fields
    3. Click ‘Update’ and watch the status… may very well go to ‘Publish’
    4. Now go back, add something to one of the field groups (I added an option to a select)
    5. Click ‘Update’ and again… watch the status. For me, this time it goes to Scheduled/future. Bizarre.

    At first I thought I had messed something up with my own plugin code as I am adding lots of ACF related features to my site using my own code… but even with that removed/disabled the problem persists.

    Please help and thanks for reading!

  • I’m with the same problem here, but when I change the WP time, it now doesn’t schedule the post, but delete all the fields I’ve created.


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