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Any idea how to access header menu that's using ACF?

  • Hi all,

    I’m looking into a website that wasn’t made by me and I’m learning on the ropes. The header menu has a sub-menu with some categories, but I wanted to change one of the links to it.

    I initially went to the code base and into header.php, but it says the <li> of the menu has an href=”/healthcare/” – which is kind of confusing because I couldn’t find any external links. I can easily change it to an external link and it would work, but I wanted to find the right way to do it how they did it.

    I then tried going into Customize -> Menus but the menu that is being used isn’t matching up with the header… (Appearance -> Menus gives same results) I can see some of the links but not the full header.

    I can see they also used ACF for the homepage and I see the connection and can make changes in the codebase to the homepage in WP. I went into Custom Fields and saw a field group for the header. My question is how would I access the header menu?

    I’ve tried changing the external link but it’s always connected to that one page regardless of link change.

    Thanks for reading!

  • It would be hard to say. You need to find where the menu is show n the page and then you need to follow the code through. More than likely I’d guess that there is a filter somewhere that is applying the changes to the menu, however, there are a lot of possible filter hooks and methods that this could be done. So basically find the function that’s showing the menu, look at that function, look for any apply_filters() calls and then search the theme for filters that may be running, continue following the code and looking at filters until you find it. Welcome to debugging.

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