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Some improvements for Option Pages

  • The Option Pages for me are looking too much like a post edit page. On the right is the sidebar box with the save button and if there are many options the space beneath the side is a wasted area.

    Standard Option Page Layout

    With some changes to the layout the Option Pages could look more like they should be. I placed the save button to the top and bottom, so you don’t have to scroll up to save changes if you on the last option.

    Optimized Option Page Layout

    O.k. – you don’t have the possibility to place an option field group into the sidebar and the settings for Option Pages should be changed. But I think most of the ACF users doesn’t use this option.

    By the way I looked for the possibility to change the text of the save button, which could be done by changing a little bit of the code to use the option page title. The same would be great if the notice not ever is called “Options saved”; instead I changed this to use the option page title here as well.

    What do you think of these changes to the Option Pages.

  • Would it be possible at least to be able to override the CSS class settings on #post-body to use class “columns-1” for options pages? Is there any simple way that I can override that? For example, can I not use the WordPress filter screen_layout_columns? – but what would the value of the $column index be?

    I didn’t find any hints how to do this anywhere, unfortunately.

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