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Another question about bundling ACF Pro with a theme or plugin

  • I’m a little confused and I have some question.

    If ACF Pro is bundled with several themes and/or plugins, what happens if someone happens to install a theme plus a couple of plugins that also have it bundled?

    With multiple places applying their own paths using the hooks acf/settings/path, and acf/settings/dir, not to mentions the ones for the JSON save and load paths.

    Basically I just want to make sure it will all work out.

    The other question I have is that, since ACF has its own update screen, does that mean if the person that buys a premium plugin or theme that has it bundled, will they be able to apply and update key if they purchase one, as long as I don’t hide the admin menu?


  • Hi @Hube2

    Good questions.

    There can only ever be 1 ACF instance, so it’s the first ACF files to be included are the ones which are used.

    A plugin will load it’s files before a theme, so it is possible that a users plugin will run a version of ACF PRO which is not desirable for your theme which uses ACF PRO. I ma not sure what the solution for this is…

    If the user adds a license key and attempts to update, it will most likely fail due to WP not understanding customer plugin paths, but this is untested as of today.

    The JSON load paths have been setup as an array to allow for everyone to add their own without removing any other.

    Hope that helps answer the questions.


  • Thanks E, actually it answers most of them. As a heavy user of ACF, there is little that I do that I don’t turn to ACF for a solution. I’m currently working on a plugin that I eventually see being a premium plugin and I have been debating whether or not I should think of including ACF or just stating that it’s required and pointing to your site where they can get it.

    As a developer, I’m never usually happy with bundled plugins because they are difficult to update. A recent and serious security issue with one premium plugin in particular made me question the idea of bundling plugins even more.

    I’ve got some time to think about it so I’ll probably let the idea stew in my head for a while longer before I decide.

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