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Anonymous User Post with ACF Fields?

  • I have a custom post type with a number of ACF fields (including image galleries) and would like anonymous/unregistered users to be able to post using these fields as draft items to be moderated.

    I’ve looked around the forums and noticed some talk about front-end forms (for updating existing posts?) and a more basic uploader. I’m just wondering if there has been any development on this front, or what one might recommend to solve this problem? (Just some tips about how maybe I could go about writing my own then, although the uploader is probably complex).

    The basic ideal goal would be the same post type creation one would get in the backend, but accessible as an unregistered user.

    I’ve played with this [User Submitted Posts]( plugin, but it doesn’t allow any connection to ACF or custom fields.

    Would Gravity Forms work well with ACF for something like this?

    Endless thanks in advance, I am deeply thankful for all your incredible work with ACF, Elliot.

  • Hi @waffl

    GF will work with ACF as long as the field types are basic and the data is saved in the same format.

    I haven’t used GF to upload a file, but I assume that it would save the data as an ID which ACF also does.

    Perhaps you should just dive straight in and test it out!


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