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Anonymous frontend post editing

  • Hi,
    I’m trying to create a frontend form that enables anonymous users to create objects of a custom post type. This already works very well. What I’m now trying to achieve is to give the same user that created an object the possibility to edit it in the frontend without creating an account for them. Do you think this is possible somehow?

    I was thinking to add a hidden field to the post type where a random token is stored. This token, when added to the frontend post url like enables the edit form. This way only people with the correct url could edit the post. Do you think this is feasible? There won’t be a lot of these posts so adding the token manually to each object once wouldn’t be a problem.

    Are there other ways to do this, any help is appreciated!

    Thank you,

  • You could take the random token and then ask for it again when the non-logged in user comes back to the page and the non-logged in user inputs the token and if it matches, the page loads the editable form again using acf_form();

  • Thank you, yes that’s what I did in the end. It works well enough…

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