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An invalid form control with name='' is not focusable.

  • Hi guys,

    I have just updated the plugin to latest version 5.7.8. I have added some new fields in my repeater field and I get this error in the console. I cannot save the post of course!

  • PLease note my WP version is 4.9.* ! Not yet updated to version 5.

  • Updated to 5.0.1 problem still exists

  • Do you by chance have a required date picker field in the repeater?

    I was getting the same error so as a workaround had to remove the required setting for it.

  • I can confirm this bug. In our case it was a mandatory date field in a repeater that triggered the JS error, even if no instances of the repeater had been added to the page.

    WP 5.0 (with Classic Editor plugin installed) and ACF Pro 5.7.8, in our case.

  • I’m getting the same error with WP 4.9.9, Classic Editor, and ACF Pro 5.7.8, on options pages. I had 2 required date fields inside a repeater and made them optional, and that does resolve the error, but they’re critical fields. If I revert to the previous version of ACF Pro, there is no JS error.

  • This bug has been fixed in 5.7.9

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