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Ampersand: encoding '&' as '& amp;' lost upon post update

  • I have found that when using an ampersand within a text field, the HTML output is incorrect after updating a post.

    Steps to reproduce:

    (Please note, I have left a space between the & and amp; to visually demonstrate)

    Using a basic text field and including something like:

    this & amp; that

    After the post is published or updated, the field from the admin changes to:

    this & that

    At this point the output seems to be correct as the HTML will show as:

    this & amp; that

    If you now go in to update your post (click update)…the ampersand now reverts the HTML output to:

    this & that

    In my understanding this is incorrect as the ampersand is not escaped. It appears the problem occurs when the text field removes the escaped ampersand and replaces it with a ‘&’. When updating the post the HTML output does not escape the ampersand.


    Note: I have found a work-a-round by using htmlentities. Not sure if this is the desired solution.

  • Please open a new support ticket for this bug so that they can pass it along to the developer

  • Thanks John, I have gone ahead and opened a support ticket as suggested.

  • Can we ( the public ) all see the solution please?

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