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Alternative display modes for repeater fields?

  • We use repeater fields to sort (many) products. While this works great, overall, we reach the limits of the default ACF-layout, when visually sorting pages with possibly hundreds of items in the WP-backend. For this sort of task a view with densely packed thumbnails would help greatly.

    Think Notion or similar tools which let you switch from table representation to gallery view. Attached are sceenshots of Adobe Bridge where on can show and sort tons of thumbs or switch to a list view, that shows fewer items but more details.

    We already pondered breaking up the default ACF-view with CSS – but maybe someone has already solved this problem earlier?

    If so, please let me know! 👋 Display Modes

  • As my post still has an unread status, please allow me to bump it.

  • You would need to contact the developers for feature requests.

    Overall, the repeater field is not the best choice for creating something like products and a custom post type would be better suited for that type of thing.

  • Thanks, John, for confirming that this feature isn’t available yet.

    We are not creating products with repeater fields. We use repeater fields to sort the display-order (list-order) of already existing products in category pages (we need more features than WP can do in this respect).

    Sorting repeater fields with drag and drop works very nicely. We only need a (far) more compact display mode for product categories with hundreds of products. A grid, as linked in my initial post, would work best.

  • I misunderstood the use of the repeater fields.

    The only way that you could achieve what you’re looking for would be to add custom CSS, as you mention in your OP. I would start by setting the display of the repeater to block and go from there. Although I’m not sure how this would affect dragging rows to a different order.

  • Thanks again, John. Possible issues with drag and drop behaviour is definedly something to keep in mind. We should first prototype this roughly to see if d&d still works reliably.

  • I just received this, I think they sent it to everyone that has Pro.

    They are updating the UI, you might want to contribute your thoughts.

  • Thanks for the link! I didn’t see that blog post yet and will get in touch. 🙏

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