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Altering collapsed field display in backend?

  • So I have a repeater and I need to have arbitrary separators in here. So I added a conditional to toggle between “divider” or “candidate”. This works well, the conditional stuff is great, and people can then re-order the candidates and dividers by drag/drop.

    I do need to use the “show this field when the fields are collapsed”, and the obvious field name choice is candidate name. But that leaves me not being able to see the divider names… (see screenshot).

    Is there either:
    – a way to display more than one field when collapsed?
    – a totally different way to approach this that I’ve not thought of? (maybe I should be making this a repeater inside a repeater?)

  • You can show more than 1 field by adding this class to the other field you want to show:

  • And yes it would be better as a nested repeater.

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