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Allow users to create lists of posts

  • When it comes to UI, I imagine something like that.

    I have a website where I post “quotes” and stuff from books. With CTPs, I assign the author, the category, some tags, image of the autor and so on.

    I use WooCommerce Subscriptions and WC Membership to create a platform where users can log in and interact with those quotes.

    Now I’m willing to allow users to create lists of posts, something like that, where they can name the list, organize quotes anyway they want.

    Any clue on how to do this with ACF Pro? Is it possible? If not, any plugin suggestion?


  • The only way that I can think to do this would be by saving the information to somwhere else.

    1) I they can create multiple lists then by using a custom post type

    2) If they can create only a single list then by creating a field group to hold the information in the user’s profile

    Either way, you would then use a relationsship field or post object field to allow them to pick what they want in the list.

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