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Allow user to select Relationship Post Type

  • Hey thanks as always for the continued work and support on this plugin. I love it.

    So I’ve found myself in a situation where it would be really helpful to allow the user to select the Post Type for a Relationship field inline. Let me explain:

    I’m building Flexible Content Layouts for a client, one of which will be a Relationship picker to allow selection from 1 of 3 different CPTs (Stories, Ads, Case Studies). Right now, I have to build 3 separate Flexible Content Layouts, one for each type of CPT. My proposed feature would allow the creation of one “Posts Selector” Flex Layout that would have two sub fields:
    – Choose from which Post Type? : (selectbox with post_type options)
    – Selection : (relationship field filtered by the selection in the above field)

    Obviously we wouldn’t want to give too much control to the end-user, but this seems like it would be closed enough while still offering flexibility.

    My whole line of thinking is about giving the end-user the best possible experience. So, if my user is thinking, “Ok, I want to add a set of posts, and choose my post_type when I get there” I think this would create an elegant solution.

    Any feedback and/or solutions using existing capability is welcome!


  • So cleeearrrly didn’t look hard enough before posting the above comment because I just saw the “Filers > Post Type Select” checkbox and realized that it mostly solves my problem.

    However! It would be great if that post type select element was generated by one of the Post Type’s human-readable $label keys instead of the db post type name (I think I saw this suggestion elsewhere in the support section). I could probably hack the plugin files to do that but I’d rather not put a bunch of mediocre code into the well-oiled ACF core.


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