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Allow the selection of multiple buttons in the new button group

  • As the title suggests. Would be very useful to allow more than one button to be selected with the new button group. The new button group does clean up the UI alot, but checkboxes are the only solution to allow more than one option selected.

    Is this feature planned?

  • Option buttons only allow for one option chosen (when they all share the same name), but I’m sure you know that 🙂

    I managed to use checkboxes as a group in a quick test that I just did.

    I only did it within Chrome Dev tools, but it proved to be pretty easy if you have some CSS and JavaScript skills.

    I don’t know if it’s planned to create a Checkbox group, but if it’s important to you right away, you can apply the same Class as the button group, to a group of checkboxes. Then you can use JavaScript to add the “selected” class to the Label when clicked (and remove it when clicked again). Plus you need to remove some right margin between the boxes… then it suddenly looks exactly the same, and allows for multi-select.

    I haven’t the time right now, else I would have done it for you. Seems like a fun quick project. I will pass on the suggestion to make it part of ACF.

  • Hi,

    Is there something new about this? I also would like to have this feature. I can pay for the development of this feature it is necesary.

    Thanks a lot!

  • I agree. This would be a really helpful field. I hope it can be considered.



  • +1 for this option
    Really, the “button” is just a styling. This should be a presentation option within the checkbox and radio fields instead of a separate element. This is born out in the generated code for Button Group “fields”.

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