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Allow Moving Message Div

  • I propose allowing developers to dictate where the message box appears, specifically when dealing with acf_form(). Maybe a specific ID or attribute JavaScript can grab onto and dynamically move the POSTed message. Right now whenever a front-end form successfully submits it defined the following HTML above the form:

    <div id="message" class="updated"><p>Post updated</p></div>

    Either JavaScript can prepend the message div above the form or if the #message ID exists it can append the message and give it a specific class. Additionally, the ID should be plugin specific: acf-message or something along those lines.

    • James

    • July 28, 2019 at 4:19 am

    Hi @howdy_mcgee

    I would suggest that you create a support ticket via so that this can get to the plugin author.

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