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Allow customization of image field add button label

  • Currently the Image field button to add an image is simply “Add image” (translated in french by “Ajouter image” which is not a very french way of talking) and is not customizable.

    It’d be great if we could have a customize label setting for the field (acf-field-setting-button_label) like we have for the repeater button for example.

    This way we would be able to add more specific instructions, like “Choose a profile picture” or whatever.

  • I’ve contacted the devs last year and just sent a mail to have an update on that subject.

    To add to this: the reason this is such a big issue, among other reasons in French, is because the translation of the default button label is wrong. “Ajouter image” is literal translation and is not grammatically correct. In French it should be “Ajouter une image”.

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