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All Image Fields Lose Value

  • We have a site that we migrated a lot of content into. When we did this, it bloated one of the uploads folders with well over 10,000 files. Ever since version 5.5.4, any time we save a post that has an image linked to this folder, the values of the images fields are lost.

    Was something changed in version 5.5.4 that would have caused this problem to occur? We have not been able to update ACF since because upgrading causes this problem to occur. this problem does NOT occur in version 5.5.3.

  • Hi @ekazda ,

    That is quite odd.

    Kindly provide us with a more comprehensive step by step procedure on how to replicate the issue so that I may be able to test it and verify the issue.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • One thing I’ll note is that it also seems to be server specific. It doesn’t happen at my server at Rackspace, but does happen for my client’s server.

    1. Go to a post that has a image field that has an image selected that exists in an uploads directory with a larger number of images (our 2016/03 uploads folder has over 25,000 files)
    2. Make a change to the post
    3. Save the post
    4. Notice that upon refresh that the post no longer has any value applied to the image field. Also, any image applied to the feature image is also missing

    I thought this was a server specific issue at first, but realized that rolling back to 5.5.3 resolves the issue… so while it may be a server value that is different between the two environments, it does not seem to be just a server issue. I’m assuming that something changed in 5.5.4 in regards to how images are reference, checked, or retained upon save that might be causing the issue. Perhaps a timeout is occurring that is causing the link/reference to be dropped.

  • Any luck in either replicating this or identifying something in the 5.5.4 update that would cause the server to maybe timeout or something when identifying images contained in folders with a lot of files?

  • Hi @ekazda ,

    Thanks a lot for the follow up.

    I am not able to replicate this issue on my end.

    Kindly share with some temporary login credentials on a private support ticket at [email protected] so that I may be able to check and test the issue.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • We updated a site today and this error seems to be finally fixed. Was there a change somewhere in a recent update that might have resolved this?

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